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Date: July 1st, 2015 

Contact: Tyler Reynolds, City of Riverside Fire Department-Training Captain 

Cell Phone: (951) 312-5568 

Email: Treynolds2@Riversideca.gov 

City of Riverside Police & Fire Departments implement a Large Animal Rescue Team as a joint partnership. 

The horse community of the City of Riverside will soon be provided with a Technical Large Animal Rescue Team, that is trained to respond to technical rescues involving horses or any large animal. This includes over-turned horse trailers, horses trapped in areas such as quicksand, swimming pools, trenches, wells, septic tanks, hill-sides, or steep terrain in which the animal is unable to free itself. 

This specialized team was formed due to the efforts of the Riverside Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Unit who recognized the need for an animal rescue team to be available within the city to assist with these low frequency but very technical incidents. The Riverside Police Department has partnered with the Riverside Fire Department’s Technical Rescue Team who will provide specialized equipment and expertise in heavy lifting, ropes, and confined space rescue. 

The HART Team (Horse & Animal Rescue Team) will be implemented on July 24th, 2015. The team will be available to respond 24hrs a day within the City of Riverside, and available for mutual aid to assist other cities and counties upon request. 

Please review the details below for our training demonstration and press release: 

Date: July 24th 0800-1230 

Location: Riverside Rancheros 1198 Washington St. Riverside, CA 92506 

Press Release: 0900 by Riverside Police & Fire Chiefs and Delegates 

Training Demonstrations: 0800-1230 – Consists of live horse awareness & safety, and multiple technical rescue operations using horse mannequins.

Riverside Police & Fire Dept. to hold large animal rescue demonstration at Riverside Rancheros July 24 2015

Seated: Secretary-Allen Mock, Vice President-Terry Henson

President-Mark Tyo, Treasurer- Louie Tavaglione 

Standing: Directors- Ron Magnuson, Mike Raphael, Gene Skala, Terry Geiser, Warren Shine

Riverside Rancheros a family horse club formed to enhance horse-related and social activities.  It was built on family memberships and participation in work and in play. We are proud of our club facilities and grounds, built and maintained by hard working dedicated members. What we have accomplished could not be possible without continuing participation of active members of yesterday and today.


is a reality and has been for the past fifty years. Under the continuous direction of Louie, his family and countless other dedicated member families. Riverside Rancheros is a respected icon for horse clubs.

He shared his vision...
Louie Tavaglione was a young man of 30 yrs old when in 1959 he suggested to two older friends and fellow horsemen; Jerry Cooper and Jack Neel, that Riverside should have a family equestrian club, a place to ride and meet for team roping, trail rides and to hold other family social activities. 

Riverside Rancheros Board 2015