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History ;

He shared his vision...

Louie Tavaglione was a young man of 30 yrs old when in 1959 he suggested to two older friends and fellow horsemen; Jerry Cooper and Jack Neel, that the Riverside should have a family equestrian club, a place to ride and a meet for team roping, trail rides and to hold other family social activities for members and guests; a place for youth groups to gather.

That VISION is a reality and has been for the past fifty years under the continuous direction of Louie, his family and countless other dedicated member families in work and play Riverside Rancheros is a respected icon for horse clubs.

Louie recently celebrated his 80th year and has enjoyed success and friendships of the club; Jerry Cooper and Jack Neel have passed years ago. Riverside Rancheros membership includes several generations of families. Louie's sons, grandchildren and great grand children are also members Of the numerous hard working dedicated members, there are three original family members who have, from the club's beginnings, been continuously active tot his day. They are: Louis Tavaglione, Barbara Jones, and Ron Magnuson.

The following pages of "Reflections on Riverside Rancheros" for your information. 

Riverside Rancheros a family horse club formed to enhance horse-related and social activities was built on family memberships and participation in work and in play. We are proud of our club facilities and grounds built and maintained by hard working dedicated members. What we have accomplished could not be possible without continuing participation of active members of yesterday and today.

An idea was born at Los Compadres private horse club in Palm Springs.

The year was 1959, Louie Tavaglione suggested to Jerry Cooper and Jack Neel that Riverside could have an equestrian county club; they agreed. Louie said he knew where he could buy 13 acres for $750 per acre. The process began in 1959 by gathering other horsemen interested in forming such a club. Thus the club was started, now consisting of approximately 30 acres.

Beginning in 1959 founders Louie, Jerry, Jack, and less than a dozen other men and their families worked to round up other members and funds to acquire the property and work towards forming a nonprofit club for horse activities for themselves, their families and for others interested in roping and horseback riding. Those first horsemen were: Louie Tavaglione, Jerry Cooper, Jack Neel, Bill Boudin, Denny Cullen, Bob Fraser, Wally Fuller, Jim Magnuson, Les Magnuson, Jack Martin, Dick Murray, Art Swarner, and Nick Tavaglione.

October 7, 1960 13 acre parcel was finalized.

October 12, 1960 Riverside Rancheros was incorporated through the Secretary of the State of California. The Club name was suggested by Art Swarner and has been known as Riverside Rancheros since the beginning.

The Club would own its own land, equipped with clubhouse, corrals, and arena with limited membership and limited social membership giving many a place to ride and play with their horses.

October 1960 Riverside Rancheros was established. As of December 31, 1960 forty-four memberships were "in" and by March 16, 1961 the first 50 members began this now popular, successful equestrian site. The toss of a coin determined Bill Boudin or Louie Tavaglione to be first president - Boudin won the toss.

1960 Riverside Rancheros' Charter Officers and board of directors:

President: Bill Boudin

Vice-President: Bob Frasier

Secretary/Treasure: Louie Tavaglione

Director: Jerry Cooper

Director: Les Magnuson

Director: Denny Cullen

Director: Dick Murray

Riverside Rancheros began with 50 charter Membership families, their names are as follows:

L.S. & Eleanor Barton                              Bob Good                                                  John & Micki Odom

George & Naomi Bigelow                             Larry & Lois Graebner                                Mike & Tersilla Precie

Robert & Charlotte Bingham                        Carl & Virginia Grant                                   Lavern & Doris Quaintance

Bill Boudin                                                    John & Jane Griffey                                     George & Pauline Rasmussen

Gene & Fran Boudin                                    Mike & Dedi Hoeck                                     Joel & Pat Romain

Vic & Katie Brittain                                       Joseph & Tina Jacobs                                  John Simpson

Ray & Alice Carl                                            Vincent & Alice Jester                                Art & Marjorie Swarner

Bob & Billie Cash                                          Bob & Barbara Jones                                 Louie & Joan Tavaglione

Richard & Pat Clay                                        William & Delores Jones                             Nick & Sallie Tavaglione

Spence & Genevieve Cockerham                 Earl & Eva Jordon                                        Herb & Libby Tobin

Jerry & Clara Cooper                                     Les & Delores Magnuson                           John & Helene Turkington

Denny & Marion Cullen                                 Jim & Sharon Magnuson                             Jack & Pearl Virgin

Jim & Fran Doan                                            Jack & Mabel Martin                                   Bill & Elaine Voltz

Bob & Gerry Fraser                                       Stan & Smitty Matchett                              Paul & Marie White

George & Vera Fortner                                 Dick & Sally Murray                                     Corliss & Evelyn Wilkinson

Jack & Elsie Fortner                                      Jack & Velma Neel                                       Dick & Judith Yeager

Wally & Evelyn Fuller                                    Dooley & Joann Newton   

October 1960 13 acres were purchased and a 300 foot arena was constructed. January 1961 saw a ground breaking for our clubhouse and June 17th marked the clubhouse grand opening. march 1962 permits for horse barns were approved. Father and sons, Les, Jim, and Ron Magnuson built the first barns. Ron is recognized for his continued participation since the Clubs beginning.

Things happened fast: May 1962 began the first fifteen consecutive sanctioned Rodeos patterned after the Sherriff's Rodeos last held 1959.

Riverside Rancheros would become headquarters for youth riding groups including their own Junior Rancheros group, mounted police and sheriff training center, rodeos, horse shows and gymkhanas. The Rancheros would have their own mounted equestrian drill team performing in shows and parades including the Winston 500 parade in January 1980.

Riverside Rancheros would become active in helping to keep existing trails open, opening new trails and would allow youth groups use of the club facilities for benefits and fundraiser barbeques and horse shows. Groups like F.F.A., 4-H, Cub Scouts, Y-Indian Guides, Jr. Rodeo, Tri-Valley Riders and therapeutic riding programs.

Team Roping - There was always a team roping, the first 25 years Riverside Rancheros relied upon roping and bar business for support; then, along came Team Penning, or cattle penning as it was first called. September 1983, Gene Skala and Doug Kern introduced the newest up and coming equestrian sport to the Rancheros. Team Penning has recently given way to Team Sorting and picking up nicely. Roping continues to soar thanks to dedicated volunteers.

With the construction of the arena cover completed in May 1987, Riverside Rancheros became that much more attractive; rain or shine our arena was dry.

Riverside Rancheros monthly family trail rides, parties for adults and children, roping and penning, barrels, trips and various miscellaneous activities bring families together as one for fun and everlasting friendships. Club shared rides with a variety of other riding groups from day rides to weekend riders were popular, expanding our trail excursions and equestrian friendships.

Historic Ride: For nearly five decades, Riverside Rancheros served as the beginning or the ending of the annual De Anza Trail Caballeros week-long spring-time 150 mile horseback trek that involves nearly a year of planning and organizing. Horsemen from near and far across the United States and as distant as Austrailia and England, come to ride a stretch of the De Anza's trails between Riverside and Calexico. This historic ride of 71 years began in 1938 to honor Spanish explorer, Lt. Colonel Don Juan Batista De Anza's first overland route through California in 1774. Riverside Rancheros members play an important active part in keeping this event alive.

Riverside Rancheros are blood bank participants; this life-giving act has been a continuing program since January 1980. A 20 pint minimum is needed to keep our bank open-give today. Excess blood has been donated to City of Hope and local Riverside hospitals in Riverside Rancheros name. Members have learned CPR through Red Cross.

In appreciation of our law enforcement officers, Riverside Rancheros members have participated in "Take a Cop to Lunch or Dinner" programs.

Since Riverside Rancheros founding in 1959 and with time and lots of member men, women and children's hard work and dedication, Riverside Rancheros has grown... from the initial 40 member families to 150 membership families (some memberships have passed down to children and grandchildren).

......from a 300 ft. open arena with stop watch and bullhorn to a 330 x 150 ft. covered arena with sprinkler, lighting and PA systems, electronic timers, chutes and announcer's booth; an outside warm-up arena with sprinklers and lighting.

......from a single room clubhouse to an expanded club facility with restaurant grade kitchen, 120 person capacity banquet dining room with fireplace and a 50 person capacity bar with a potbelly stove and big screen TV.

......from 13 acres to 30 acres

......from a few pipe corrals to covered barns and corrals for approximately 100 head of roping and penning cattle.

......and not to forget the numerous friendships made along the way.

......and the horses that carried us and served well

Riverside Rancheros' past Presidents line the upper walls of our bar room; take time to look them over and thank them, their officers, directors and committee chairpersons serving with them.

......and to all the volunteers and participants whose contributions have made and continue to make this a respected place to come with the family, friends and horses.....Thank You.

"The years pass and our ranks get thin, as a caballero passes we hold up our chin. Each year it seems another is gone one voice less to join in our song. The ride doesn't end for men like us. We just ride on ahead breakin' the brush. In a whisper of the wind we hear the song of the out riders who guide us along."

                   excerpt from the Poems of John E. Stanton published April 1995

Welcome Rancheros Family.

Historical reflections on the Riverside Rancheros compiled by Club Historian, Rochelle Murphy, as gleaned from old records from the pages of the old scrap books and from the memories of members - summer 1993/ updated March 2009 and added to this page of the Riverside Rancheros website November 30, 2013

With collaborative writings from Alaina Nelson & Caroline Johnson